Driver Problems in Dell and their solutions

A driver is a program that has control over a specific device that is attached to your device. For your devices to work properly, it should be made sure that the driver compatible with your device is at its best. When faced with any kind of driver problems, contact the Dell Support Team to help you with your issues.

First step in dealing with any driver issue is to update your driver. To accomplish this, follow the procedure given below.

  • Under the device manager section, open the properties tab.
  • By modifying resource settings, you can update your driver.

It is recommended that, for all your Dell devices, use the drivers available from the Dell website.

Every time you reinstall the Operating System, drivers for all devices attached should be updated appropriately. Updating the drivers will help u with increasing the performance of the device and expanding compatibility. Installing drivers from an unknown could corrupt the Operating System. It could also cause performance issues, blue screen errors and in rare cases it might cause unusual shut downs. It could also infect your device with malicious software.

Sometimes, it could happen that, it is the device that is corrupted and not the driver. This can be solved by looking into your Device Manager.

Follow the steps as shown below.

  • Open the control panel window in PC.
  • Open the device manager tab.
  • If you encounter an exclamation point, a question mark, or a yellow triangle against your device, it is most probably due to the faulty functioning of your device.

Otherwise, it’s the problem with your device which can be fixed easily by installing the appropriate driver for your device. The model’s make and number should be taken a note of, as it is required to find a fitting driver for your device. The Driver Update Tool makes all of the above said easy by updating your drivers automatically.

Although these steps are simple but even after the specified instructions if you are not able to resolve the problem then kindly contact our Dell Support Team via our Dell Support Helpline Number 1-800-958-239. Our experts in this matter will guide you through every step and fix any issue related to your Dell.


Dell Support Australia Creating Milestones With Strong Customer Support

Dell is a consistent pioneer in the coliseum of innovation, and it has never traded off as far as execution, strength and unwavering quality, yet keeping pace with vogue. Dell eyes to the sky yet with a firm hang on the ground. Dell Idea Storm, Direct 2 Dell and Support discussion are the live illustrations of its kind hearted and cutting edge neighborly way to deal with customers in need of instant support.

Dell Support Number Australia

Dell has succeeded in relieving the hindrance in the middle of innovation and individuals. Yet, there is a noiseless yet unparalleled wave as Dell Support offering the brand to enter profound assistance with mass percentage of users. Be it home, little office or large business, the Dell PCs, portable workstations, printers, server and system parts are committed for an unmatched quality assistant. Regardless of wherever you are and whatever issues you are confronted with your Dell machine, you can discover brisk and simple answers for those.

Dell Australia Support is accessible for all scopes of buyers. Being an Australian client, you can benefit the support for all Dell PCs running on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. System administration and Wireless backing is to offer some assistance with sharing assets and information in a smooth and blunder free way. Moreover, it secures the certainty to utilize the Internet and electronic applications by keeping potential Internet dangers, including online networking dangers, infections, spyware and phishing tricks. Specialists can take the remote access of your machine and can redo the security settings to shield your Internet, email, moment delivery person, informal community and other electronic application against developing dangers.


Professionals at Dell offer work area some assistance with canning setup, design and investigate your Dell printer according to request. They can likewise give investigating tips in order to keep Dell peripherals working in their ideal. Dell Support Videos hold values and are accessible on distinctive subjects. Look the one you need and repair your Dell items, and spare time and in addition cash.

The vast majority of the Dell PC mistakes and issues identified with Windows can be altered effortlessly with the in-assembled repair and upkeep devices, for example, Windows Update, Action Center, System Restore, Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. Call Dell Support Australia for seeking best assistance for Dell PC.

Steps for Rebooting a Dell Device

It could be an urgent requirement for your Dell device to reboot if it is hanging, unable to perform efficiently or can not handle basic operations. Rebooting is also known as Factory Restore. It is implemented on every laptop for fixing these issues, getting your device in its earlier position.

Below is one of the methods of rebooting:

1.  The simplest method of rebooting a Windows laptop by clicking on the Start button and selecting ‘Turn Off Computer’, ‘Reboot’ and then ‘Shut Down’. If you have a device that can be turned on,

2.  CTRL + ALT + DEL simultaneously on keyboard. You will see a small window appearing. From the drop down select the ‘Shut Down’ option. Then choose ‘Reboot’ or ‘Shut Down’.

3.  You are required to perform a hard shutdown if the mouse is not responding to the commands. Although Dell devices lets you shut down the laptop by using power switch. Hold the button for next 5 to 10 seconds and everything will shut down.

4. You are required to go to source directly if the power button is not working properly. Just remove the plug from the laptop and use the battery. It means no power and instant shutdown.

5.  Follow any of the method mentioned in 2, 3 and 4 steps to make sure that you get the RAM clear before turning it on again. It will also enhance the device’s performance.      

In this way you can easily reboot the Dell laptop. 

Call Dell Support Sydney number  1-800-958-239  for more details about the device and the rebooting process at  Sydney

Our technical support team is here to assist you with the device without waiting for you. You can reach us by calling at Dell Technical Support  Number 1-800-958-239 . You can also connect with the experts via live chat or email.


How To Boot Your Dell Laptop In Safe Mode

A safe mode is an option which allows you to access the limited set of files and drivers of your laptop. Safe mode in your Dell laptop allows you to troubleshoot problems related to the programs and drivers that prevent your laptop from functioning properly.

So, if your laptop is attacked by the virus or any driver fails to work, then you need to boot your laptop to safe mode in order to troubleshoot the problem. To boot the laptop in safe mode, follow the instructions given by Dell technical support number 1-800-958-239.

Booting The Dell Laptop In Safe Mode

1. First, take out any floppy disc, CD or DVD from the laptop. Now, restart your laptop by clicking on the ‘Start’ button at the bottom left corner of the screen and then click ‘Restart’.

2. Now, you have to boot to ‘Advanced Boot Options’ before the window is loaded on the laptop. To load the advanced boot options press the F8 button continuously for few times when your laptop starts up. This will open the safe mode of the laptop. If the Windows logo appears on the screen, it means that you have gone past the boot options menu. In this case, you need to restart your laptop again and press the F8 button again.

3. This will open the Advanced Boot Options menu on the screen. Select the ‘Safe Mode’ option by using the arrow keys and press the ‘Enter’ key.

4. Make sure that you are log on to the laptop with an administrator account.

5. Now, you have entered the safe mode in your laptop and you can perform any task to resolve the problem.

To exit the safe mode, you just need to restart your laptop again and allow it to boot normally. You can call the Dell customer care number 1-800-958-239 if any problem arises while following the steps.


How To Protect Your System From The Viruses & Other Threats

If any of us buys the computer, the first thing which comes in our mind is the protection of that system. It is very necessary to protect the system from the threats that attack our system and make them really slow. To avoid this situation, users opt to install antivirus on their systems. To keep their system protected, first users have to know about the threats and malwares. Malwares are the malicious software which can be in the form of adware, virus or spyware. They use to affect the performance of the systems. Most of the virus comes from browsing the internet sites. If you want to keep your systems protected then have a look at the guide provided by Dell support.

1. If you have a Dell system, then check if the security system is installed on your computer or not. To check the security software, you must check the ‘System Tray’ present at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. The Dell system users can install the antivirus on their system to keep it protected. You can install the antivirus on your computer. There are various anti viruses available in the market such as Norton, McAfee, Avast and other software.

3. Another way to remove virus from your Dell system is to run the ‘Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool’. Run this program and it detects and removes about 80 to 85% of viruses from the system.

4. You should make sure that your Microsoft security feature is enabled.

5. You should perform a regular system scan. This will help you to keep your system free from viruses. Your antivirus should be up to date for best results. Updated software has high virus definitions and protects the system well.

After following these steps, if the problem of virus still remains in your system, then you can contact the Dell repairs Perth team. They are highly trained and experienced and will resolve all your issues in a quick time period.

While following these steps if you are facing any technical issue you can call Dell Australia support number 1-800-958-239

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How To Fix A Wireless Connection On Your Dell Laptop 2017

The new versions of the Dell laptops are able to connect to the wireless network easily. You can connect to the Wi-Fi network without using the cable. There are several issues due to which your laptop is not able to connect to the network. But, Dell customer support Australia has given some easy to follow troubleshooting steps for their users so that they can connect to the wireless network without any trouble. You can call the Dell customer support number if the problem is not solved by following the troubleshooting steps given below.

1. If your laptop is far from the wireless source, then move your laptop closer to the source so that you are getting the clear signals without any interruption.

2. If the wireless receiver on your Dell laptop is not enabled, then it is not possible for you to connect to the network. To enable it, right-click on the wireless icon on your desktop. Now, select ‘Enable’ from the pop-up menu.

3. If you are not able to find the wireless network, then right-click on the wireless icon on your desktop and select to search the wireless network available to you. Now, a list of connection will be displayed. Select the network for which you have the password. If you do not have the password and the network is password protected then you will not be able to connect to the network.

4. One more thing which you can try is to restart your computer. Sometimes there are hardware issues which can cause the network failure. Restart the system to get rid of the problem.

These are some basic steps which any user can follow if there is any network problem. If the problem is critical and you are not able to troubleshoot it, then immediately call the Dell phone number  1–800–958–239 and get your issues resolved.

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How To Turn Off The Pop-Up Blocker In Your Dell’s System Web Browser

Many of you have blocked the pop-ups for your browser so that you do not get unwanted pop-ups while surfing. While there are various occasions when we need the pop-ups to enable. So, in this post Dell technical helpline is providing really easy steps to turn-off the pop-up blocker. You can follow these instructions step-by-step and disable the pop-up blocker for various web browsers. If still you are not able to turn off the pop-up blocker in your Dell system, then immediately call the Dell support number as they will provide you with the immediate solution. They are very highly trained and have deep technical knowledge. So, they will not take much time resolve the issues related to your account.

Follow the steps to turn-off the pop-up blocker for different browsers:

Google Chrome
1. In the upper right hand corner, click on the ‘WRENCH’.
2. Click on the ‘Settings’.
3. Scroll down to ‘Privacy’ and click on the ‘Contents Settings’.
4. Scroll to ‘pop-ups’.
5. Check the box near ‘Allow all sites to show Pop-Ups’.
6. Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button.

Mozilla Firefox
1. From the Mozilla Firefox toolbar, select ‘Tools’.
2. A drop-down menu will appear and select ‘Options’.
3. From the Options dialog box, select ‘Content’.
4. Now, uncheck the ‘Block pop-up windows’ radio button to disable all the pop-ups.
5. Select ‘Close’
Internet Explorer
1. Click on the ‘Tools’ menu. If you do not see a menu press ‘Alt+T’.
2. Now, click on the Internet options’ and after that click on the ‘privacy’ button.
3. Here, uncheck the box near to ‘Turn on Pop-up blocker’, under the Pop-up blocker.
4. Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button.

1. In the menu bar, click ‘Safari’.
2. Click on the ‘Preferences’.
3. After that, click on the ‘Security’ tab.
4. Finally, uncheck the box next to ‘Block pop-up windows in the web content selection.
By following these easy steps you can easily turn off the pop-up blocker for various web browsers.

For any help call On Dell laptop support number 1-800-958-239

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Secured Steps To Replace RAM On Dell Laptop

Replacing the Ram to increase the speed of your laptop is a smart decision. With increased RAM available in your system, it will operate faster. Even advanced software’s totally depends on the system RAM. So if you wish to install RAM in a Dell Laptop, check this blog, it is purely for you. Hereby you can follow few steps for to replace the RAM. While if you face any issue while following these steps then you can anytime contact Dell technical support Australia. Your call will be answered by professionals and they will provide you with a quick response.Step 1: First check the minimum and maximum capacity for RAM in your laptop. For that you can go to the manufacturer specification details.Step 2: Check the percentage and type of RAM already installed using a third party RAM checker if necessary.Step 3: Now determine the type of memory to purchase the laptop.

Step 4: Next to install the RAM firstly you need to remove the battery. Then locate the memory access door.

Step 5: Now unscrew the door and remove the shield. Now remove the memory SODIMMs then the RAM module will pop up, gently take it out.

Step 6: Next align the new memory in the slot and gently push it into place at a 45 degree angle.

Step 7: Rotate the module downwards and replace the memory access door and screws. Now place the battery and then turn on the laptop.

These were the few simple steps to guide you through the RAM installation process. If you face any issue then you can dial Dell Support Number Australia 1-800-958-239 and they will provide you with a quick response.

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Get The Best Dell Support Australia And Sort Out All Of Your Laptop, Printer Networking Issues

Getting your printer on a network is usually quite simple but the different software requirements of different brands and models of computers, laptops can cause conflicts.  It also often happens that your singular printer network is simply not functioning well, which will cause you endless printing problems if you are able to print at all.

Signs That Your Network Printer Is Faulty

– The printing is too slow because all the computers and laptops on the network are conflicting.

– Your wireless printer is not connected or works too slow

– The printer is printing off-center or cuts of some of the content

– The printing process keeps troubleshooting despite the fact that you can see that the printer is receiving instruction.

– There is no activity on the printer at all

– Your computer does not register the printer at all

Dell Australia Support Phone Number

How To Fix Your Faulty Printer Network Issues?

Dell Support Phone Number Australia has a hotline that you can phone to get access to technicians who can help you with your faulty network.  They will establish the problem and then advice you on how to fix the issue.  If there is a hardware problem, they can provide you with the best recommendations to get your computer or printer fixed.

Emergency Support

If you have an emergency late at night, then you can still contact the Dell Support Number Australia Center and get your printer fixed at any hour of the day or night.  Dell understands the need to get all your print work done in time, so you can meet deadlines and do your work effectively.

Set Up Your Network Correctly From The Start

If you are setting up a new network, then it is wise to get professional Dell Australia Support while you install and set up your new network.  This way you can ensure everything works well from the start.  

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Dell Australia Support Offers Best Solutions for Business Needs

Dell offers coordinating arrangements in various extents from PC, workstation, server, stockpiling to printing for raising organizations, which are solid and secure. Dell items such as Dell Vostro, Optiplex and Precision arrangement hold great infiltration in the little business and endeavors spaces. Fueled with second Generation Intel Core processors you can stay in a dynamic workplace. Fabricated in security highlights and in addition, expanded choices for information reinforcement and recuperation gives the certainty to oversee business information in the midst of security difficulties.

Dell Australia Support
Aside from offering commercial ventures’ best answers for business needs, Dell Australia support holds, skill under its Dell Support portfolio to give brisk backing to all items and advances. Specialists can set up, introduce and design PC, workstation, server and reinforcement bolster gadgets other than investigating those to other related issues. Dell has an enormous knowledge base, and segment for downloading drivers and patches. Fast arrangements are accessible for servers running on distinctive versions of Windows server working framework, and you can effectively execute diverse administrations, for example, Certification powers (CAs), CA Web enlistment, Online Responder, Network Device Enrollment Service, Certificate Enrollment Web Service, and so on of the Active Directory on a solitary or a numerous Dell server.

Dell Asutralia Support

Specialists can effectively design the Microsoft Exchange Server with your Dell base so you can give dependable, secure and practical informing framework to your workers. Aside from moment instant message sharing, clients can team up through timetable sharing, and can appreciate 5GB post box space to keep profitable information and vital correspondence.

Explore to the Dell Help entrance, and accumulate administrations for your PCs or workstations running on distinctive renditions of customer Windows working framework. Whether you need to introduce or repair working framework or some other programming, you will discover specialists remaining close by. You can look for counsel to investigate and settle distinctive issues identified with programming similarity, Internet availability, peripherals’ settings, infections and spyware, driver inconsistency, registry settings, email and program settings, and that have been just the beginning. Specialists either will train you via telephone or will take the remote access of your Dell framework to remotely perform investigating for your benefit.

If you are looking for Gmail support you can contact Gmail support by dialing this number +(61) 280730175.